Contract Negotiation

Data-based prep and negotiation services representing you or your organization with vendors, new hires, pay raises, partners and sponsors, and other parties.

NCAA Compliance and Eligibility

Compliance, eligibility, and enforcement insight and advising at the NCAA DI, DII, and DIII levels for institutions and individual prospective student-athletes, and developing policies and procedures for state high school athletic associations.


Content creation, curriculum updates, market and SWOT analysis for existing programs and new launches, and academic advising for students and student-athletes. Conference and workshop planning and execution.

Agent Advising

Agent advising and education for college athletic departments looking to better serve their student-athletes, or to individual athletes seeking agent representation.


Evaluation of existing assets and new growth opportunities, including sponsorship, partner development, branding and marketing campaigns, and community engagement.


Copy writing, internal and external messaging, multi-purposed business communications, pitch deck and website construction, marketing, and more.

Data Analytics

Data gathering and analysis for on- and off-field performance, business analytics, consumer behavior, and more.


Executive search and talent acquisition services, working to identify your organization’s personnel needs and filling them with qualified candidates.

Pro Transition

Unbiased advising for amateur athletes transitioning to professional sports, on or off the field, including draft prep, performance and nutrition training, and professional development.