About Us

Launched in 2019, The Renaut Group aims to fill in the gaps for sports organizations at the amateur, collegiate, and professional level. Instead of focusing on one niche area, TRG has built a consortium of highly skilled, widely-networked sports industry professionals with decades of experience across the board. We save you the time and effort of seeking out a different company for each of your needs, instead providing holistic solutions that can bring a rising tide to your entire organization.

Seamless Integration.
Defined by a collaborative approach to effective problem solving, TRG is built to make your life easier. Instead of displacing or circumventing your current in-house personnel and processes, we integrate ourselves seamlessly into your organization, using your existing resources to find clean, efficient solutions.

New Growth Strategies.
As your organization seeks to grow and scale, TRG provides the missing pieces and a step-by-step path for intelligent expansion. Considering short- and long-term strategy, we conceptualize, implement, and execute a solution that addresses your needs in a comprehensive way, while limiting your costs, risk, and exposure.